Amy Brenneman

  1. Joely Richardson, Event Horizon, 1997.   In astrophysics, an event horizon is a boundary beyond which events cannot affect any observers.  So true! Lieutenant Stack was a guy in director Paul WS Anderson’s The Shining in Space until he let some women read for the role. He then immediately voted Joely and her “British stage class” because it would be fun “douse her with gallons of blood.”  That’s more Carrie. Well, same influence. Stephen King.
  2. Cameron Diaz,  Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her , 2000.  “My involvement has very embarrassing beginnings because I kept him waiting 18 months!”  He was writer-director  Rodrigo Garcia, son of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Because of a play, then starting her TV series, Judging Amy,  she  passed on being the blind Carol  –  twice. “It’s a beautiful read, just dances along. An actor’s dream film, any role would have  been fine.” So she became Carol’s sister, Kathy the cop.


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