Andrew McCarthy

  1. Matthew Perry, Friends, TV, 1994-2004.    
  2. Jonathan Silverman, Weekend At Bernie’s, 1998.    What Friends would have called: The One With The Corpse…Director Ted Kotcheff asked McCarthy to be Richard. When he read the script, he preferred Larry. (Terry Kiser was Bernie.The corpse).
  3. Eric Roberts, The Shadow Men, 1998.    Announced as the lead in 1955, McCarthy made another movie for the same Promark company:Perfect Assassins
  4. Michael C Hall, Dexter, TV, 2006-2013.  The Showtime cable network shortlisted 14 stars, from the impossible to the plausible (Tom Cruise, Macauley Culkin, Sean Penn, James Spader) for the Miami Metro PD bloodstain pattern analyst moonlightingas a serial killer… of criminals escaping justice. 



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