Anna Lee

  1. Frances Dee, I Walked With A Zombie, 1942.      From Mrs director Robert Sevenson to Mrs Joel McCrea – change of Canadian nurse hired to care for a sugar plantation owner’s wife in the West Indies, who, as they say,  “has been acting strangely.”   Frankenstein producer Val Lewton hated the cliché-ridden project and spun it into his take on Jane Eyre… and all the dialogue whispered.
  2. Hillary Brooke, Jane Eyre, 1943.       Lee lost  Blanche  but won the classic’s director, Robert Stevenson. They wed (for ten years) after the shooting in November 1934.   Since February 8, 1960, Brooke has a  Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6311 Hollywood Boulevard.
  3. Helen Walker, Abroad With Two Yanks, 1943.     Or… a broad.   Anna passed Joyce to Helen, snared between sex-starved Marines William Bendix and Dennis O’Keefe let loose in – on! – an Australia all filmed in Culver City.

 Birth year: 1913Death year: 2004Other name: Casting Calls:  3