Anna-Maria Alberghetti

  1. Pat Crowley, Red Garters, 1954.   Sending up Western musicals wasn’t so easy. The Italian star was dropped, directors changed to save the saga from choking on its  own gags. After  (separate) films with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Alberghetti quit movies in 1961. At age 25..
  2. Leticia Román, GI Blues, 1960. Welcome home Elvis! And here’s your reward for serving your countryfor two years in  the US Army’s3rd Armored Division.  1: Romábeatingfellow Italians Anna-Maria Alberghetti and Pier Angeli to the zero role of Tina and 2:  All  your movies will suck  from  hereon!
  3. Natalie Wood, West Side Story,  1961.   After Marias as diverse as Elizabeth Ashley and Audrey Hepburn, Alberghetti was perfect. She could even sing. Finally,  Marni Nixon sang for Wood,  Betty Wanda  for Rita Moreno.


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