Anne Fontaine

  1. Isabelle Adjani, L’Eté meurtrier (UK/US : One Deadly Summer),  France, 1982.     When Adjani backed out because of the nudity required,  her potential successors included two singers (Lio and Jeanne Mas) and dancer Fontaine.  Once Valerie Kaprisky was signed, Adjanin called director Jean Becker. She’d  changed her mind… “You have no right to behave like that, ”  fumed casting director Dominique Besnehard. (He later became her agent  – and Valerie’s).  No one told Kaprisky  the rotten new – except the media. And she was still tearful  about it when telling me all  in Cannes in 1984. Aftr 12 movies as actress, Fontaine became a director,  making  14 films in 21 years including Comment j’ai tué mon père, Coco avant Chanel, Gemma Bovery and, indeed,  Besnehard’s first inernational co-production via his Mon Voisin Productions: Adore, with Naomi Watts and Robin Wright.  (In his autobiography, adore appears to be Besnehard’s favourite word). 

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