Anson Mount

  1. Matthew Davis, Urban Legends: Final Cut, 2000.    “Do you think that somebody would kill for a directing job in Hollywood?”  Can Australians play cricket! Anson was up for the brothers, Travis/Trevor,  and won cinematographer wannabeToby… as the slasher series movee into a film school where students are Hitchcocking (or was it, Carpentering)  around  on and off the sets.  By 2006, both guys had (short) TV series – Anson mounted NBC’s Conviction, Davis was in ABC’s What About Brian.
  2. Travis Fimmel, Warcraft : The Beginning, 2015.     Based on the series of immensely successful medieval video games – orcs v humans. Johnnyh Depp was going to star for Sam Raimi in 2012 but Duncan Jones finally directed the Aussie TV Tarzan. Jones’ father – after checking out Mount, Paul Dano and Anton Yelchin various gryphons, dragons, zombies and werewolves.


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