Antoine De Caunes

  1. Richard Anconina, La Verité si je mens!, France, 1997.   A mass of unknown quantities required a name of sorts. Tele-journalist and  satirist De Caunes had not yet begun trying to become a movie star (and director), a status slowed down by refusing the comedy smash of the   90s.
  2. Gérard Lanvin, San Antonio, France-Italy-UK, 2003.    Realisateur  Laurent Touille-Tartour (a friend of the hero’s creator,  Frederic Dard) shot a trailer to drum up finance for the film.  Didn’t work. “Who’s De Caunes? We want safety. We want Depardieu!” Everyone roared with laughter as he was at least 20 kilos overweight.  Far too fat for the famous Commissaire. And so, Lanvin finally got the role, first offered him in  1993.  And le gros Depardieu became his Watson,  le gros Berurier – in le gros flop.  Producer  Claude Berri’s greatest regret.
  3. Yolin François Gauvin,  Bodybuilder, France, 2014.   TV host turned clown and then “actor” even “director” – so easy in France! – De Caunes could not  fake it this time. He needed  to be as in Schwarzenegger or Stallone shape, tried his best  and failed. The training was far removed from his usual sport of cycling. He was replaced by a real iron pumper. 

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