Asher Angel

  1. Jonah Hauer-King, The Little Mermaid, 2020.   Brit singer Harry Styles backed away from Prince Eric falling the mermaid, Ariel, in the latest live-action take on a Disney toon. He had debuted in Christopher Nolan’s  Dunkirk, 2017, but remained more into his music.  Londoner JHK’s rivals for the Covid19-delayed gig included a whole raft of new guys : Asher Angel (Shazam ’s Billy Batson), Noah Centineo (the 2020 He-Man in Masters of the Universe), Cameron Cuffe (Seg-El in TV’s Krypton), Gavin Leatherwood (Nicholas Scratch in TV’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Christian Navarro (from 13 Reasons Why). 

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