Barbara Leigh

  1. Talisa Soto, Vampirella, 1996.    The super vampire heroine was born to parents Forrest J Ackerman and artist Trina Robbins in 1969.  Hollywood didn’t care. UK’s Hammer Films did with 70s plans for Barbara Leigh. Peter Guber and Jon Peters were keen until finding something bigger – the 1988 Batman. Roger Corman took over. His director, Jim  Wynorski, wanted choreographer Paula Abdul or the very tall Julie Strain. Corman voted for  Licence To Kill  Bond  girl Talisa Sota.  ”It’s a mess,” Jim declared in 2017. “It’s a film I cannot watch. Everything went wrong. Everything! I like Talisa Sota as a human being. She’s very pretty… very sexy, but she’s not Vampirella. They forced me to use her. She just didn’t have the body for the costume. Roger Daltry was great [as rebel vampire Vlad].  But, yeah, it was in Vegas. There was embezzlement on the set. It was really a nasty, nasty picture to work on. And it came out badly, too…I should have had Julie Strain. But they didn’t think [she]  meant anything. So they put somebody wrong in the role. I should have stopped and said: Let’s just not do this. But, I was going to lose the rights in six months, so I did what I had to do. At least, I got the film made. But I should have said no.” 

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