Bobby Dicicco

  1. Tom Hanks, Bosom Buddies, TV, 1980-1982.   Tha making of Tom,  Hanks…  in a seres inspired by Some Like It Hot – and all the other guys-in-drag farces.  “I had no idea what I was getting I into,” said Hanks. He’d figured his career, if any, would be doing regional theatre around the country/.I really got my stripes as a repertory actor, which means I did a lot of shitty rolres.” Yes but supporting Hamlet, Othello, Twelth Night, but before 3,000 people per soliloquy  during   three seasons of Shakespeare In Cleveland, Ohio. He never imagined making movies or TV because as the Buddies creator Chris Thompson observed: “He  has sort ofl an unusual face.” Once Chts saw him on-set hw kbew he’d lose  him in two years to movies. He wuz right…   Di Cicco survived as well. For 32 screen credits, although two of tgem didl’t help him.  Spielberg’s  first flop, 1941, and something calle… d Maniac Cop 3: Badge ot Silence.


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