Carla Gugino

  1. Halle Berry, Swordfish,2000.      The nudescene did not flummox Halle, just the role in the spy thriller withJohn Travolta.”Itwas tooshort.”
  2. Molly Parker, The Centre of the World, 2000.   It’s almost like sex is something that nobody wants to deal with in an explicit way,” said directorWayne Wang in reply to bad reviews of his (allegedly) kinky movie.And yet, he admitted stopping short of giving the lap-dancer lead to Carla because “she would eat the movie up with sexuality”!So hehad her play a hooker.Oh Hollywood!
  3. Linda Cardellini, Scooby-Doo, 2001.  As the Scooby flag was run up (and down) the Hollywood flagpole, the Velma Dinkley choices included Milano, Janeane Garofalo, Sara Gilbert, Carla Gugino, Alyssa Milano. Christina Ricci, ER’s future Nurse Sam Taggart bagged it.
  4. Carol Kane, The Pacifier, 2005.       Rather than a Vin Disel “comedy,” she returned to “more fun” with her Spy Kids series creator, Robert Rodriguez, for the excellent Sin City.
  5. Christina Ricci, Alpha and Omega, 2009.  Change of voice for Lilly, caught up in the tale of the titular Blue Lagoon-like wolves in what USA Today crtitic Scott Bowles called “one of those rarities in the modern era of Hollywood animation –  bad.” 
  6. Winona Ryder, The Dilemma, 2010.      Ryder beat off… Gugino, Kate Beckinsale, Uma Thurman.  Or they read the script. “You can tell The Dilemma is a dud,” said Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers, “just from watching the trailer.” Owch!
  7. Demi Moore, Margin Call, 2010.    After being attached to Sarah Robertson for more than a year, Carla’s overcrowded diary got in the way. Demi moved in as, said Chicago critic Roger Ebert,a senior executive who has risen to just below the glass ceiling and knows she will stay there.

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