Carolyn Seymour


  1. Joanna Lumley, The New Avengers, TV, 1976-1977. “I really had to fight just to get an audition,” said Lumley. “They just refused to see me!” Wanting more of spy-fi hero John Steed, France and later Canada put £4m into a (short-lived) three-hander reboot of the TV classic. Patrick Macnee’s creaking Steed was now assisted by a younger guy and girl named (by Lumley) after the Purdey shotgun. Writer-producer Brian Clemens claimed her he “seriously considered 700 girls, interviewed 200, read scripts with 40 and screentested 15” – including Carolyn, Sarah Douglas, Gabrielle Drake, Prunella Gee, Lisa Harrow Barbara Kellerman.
  2. Gates McFadden, Star Trek: The Next Generation, TV, 1987-1994.    Lost out on 54 episodes of the new starship Enterpise – and its female medico! Instead, she played three different roles during 1989-1993. And in 1995, she won two chapters of Star Trek: Voyager, where, this time, it was the actual Starfleet captain who was female!


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