Cesar Romero

  1. Leonid Kinskey, Down Argentine Way, 1940.    Like a case for Dr Kildare, Alice Faye fell out with appendicitis(enter: Betty Grable!) and Romero went down with para-typhoid!
  2. Anthony Quinn, City For Conquest, 1939.     Romero and George Raft tested for Anthony Quinn’s menacing role. Cagney and Raft met in vaudeville and Jimmy helped give Raft a leg up into movies when he also arrived in Film City.  So much so, it is said (and by Cagney, himself), that Raft used his gangster connections to cancel a Mafia hit on Cagney (by dropping a klieg light on him) when he was fighting  the mob for real as President of the Screen Actors Guild.
  3. Anthony Quinn, Blood and Sand, 1940.     Romero had been first choice for Manolo de Palma, one of bullfighter Tyrone Power’s entourage of hangers-on – and deadly jealous, wanting his own hour in the ring. Quinn had a terrific dance sequence with Rita Hayworth.
  4. Frank Latimore, Three Little Girls In Blue, 1945.  Disguised as an heiress, her secretary and maid, three sisters from Red Bank, New Jersey, take off for  Atlantic City to findrich husbands… like  Victor Mature and Cesar Romero. Suddenly, shooting was suspended and restarted with new targets. George Montgomery and Latimore.


 Birth year: 1907Death year: 1994Other name: Casting Calls:  4