Chad Power

  1. J Evan Bonifant, 3 Ninjas Kick Back, 1994.   Three Karate Kids v Three Stooges…  For some, this is the sequel to 3 Ninjas: Knuckle Up, except it was shot and released first making it the sequel to the franchse opener, 3 Ninjas, 1992.   Power was eight back then. He quit movies after making ten, but was not free  to reprise  Tum Tum in the third opus, as he was shooting Couples – basically a Friends sequel  in 1994. Wait there is more… Kick Back was the last film made by the South Korean director Sang-ok Shin (as Simon O Sheen). In 1978, Shin and his wife were kidnapped by the North Korean regime and forced into making  propaganda films for eight years. They escaped while at the 1986 Vienna Festival.  And yet (another) eight years later, Kick Back was reportedly the favorourite movie of a kid named Kim Jong Un, the current North Korean leader!

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