Christine Carère

  1. Martine Carol, Caroline chérie (US: Dear Caroline), France, 1950.   Paris journalists were asked to nominate the best actress for Caroline. Some said Christine Carère, others voted Dany Robin, the majority chose Martine – despite being twice the age of Caroline de Bievre but fast becoming famous foir her “eloquent nudity”  in a succession of Euro-Scartletts: Lola Montes, Lucrece Borgia, Madame Du Barry, Nana. Her days were soon numbered. In 1954,  the third of the series, Le fils de Caroline Chérie, starred… Brigtte Bardot. Realisateur Richard Pottier had helmed Martine’s screen debut, La Ferme aux Loups, in 1943.  Carère was Chekina, in the sequel, Un Caprice de Caroline Cherie, 1952.  Martine had made Alberto Cavalcanti’s La Prima Notte,1958, with Carère’s husband Philippe Nicaud.  The French film industry is a village.

 Birth year: 1930Death year: 2008Other name: Casting Calls:  1