Colette Renard

  1. Annik Alane, Passe ton bac d’abord… France-Canada, 1978.    Fifth film by Pialat  – generous, ill-mannered, full of complications. Such being 90 minutes late for an appointment with Colette when he  knew   she had a train to catch to rejoin  her  stage tour. His casting director, Dominique Besnehard, quit because of the way he treated his actors  such as  Rachel Cathoud. “Your  can fire your Rachel,  she’s nulle – hopeless!” “But she hasn’t shot a scene yet!”  “I don’t want her.”   Besnehard refused when Pialat asked him to cast Loulou, 1979,   but accepted A nos amours, 1982 – ex-Les Filles du faubourg, ex-Suzanne and the making  of Sandrine Bonnaire. 

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