Corey Feldman

  1. Corey Haim, License To Drive, 1988. Feldman lost Les in to Haim – just as, four years earlier, Haim had lost Mouth in The Goonies to Feldman. After appearing together in The Lost Boys, 1986, The Two Coreys  became close friends and (difficult to imagine) the  highest-paid teens and  princes, if not kings of the US box-office  through seven 80s/90s movies.
  2. Andrew McCarthy, Weekend at Bernie’s, 1988.  This would have made it ten films with Corey Haim – during 1986-2008. When offered to The Two Coreys, the titie was Hot and Cold. So were they. 
  3. Chris O’Donnell,  Batman Forever, 1994.
  4. Max Perlich, Maverick, 1994. During a Yahoo interview, Feldman said director Richard Donner wanted him for the gunfighter Johnny Hardin.  No way, said the new Mr Maverick, Mel Gibson, after Feldman’s audition.  Perlich got the gig. Feldman still had some guns as an anonymous  bank-robber. Corey, of course, had been one of Donner’s Gooniesin 1984.



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