Corey Haim


  1. River Phoenix, Stand By Me, 1985.    Corey Feldman won the young Teddy Duchamp (later Richard Dreyfuss as The Narrator) but his mate, Haim,  passed on Chris Chambers, prefering to headline Lucasthat year.   The Two Coreys began as foes but soon became close friends, sharing not only the same interest, but much the same abusive family lives. Phoenix had first auditoned for Gordie Lachanced, but director Rob Reiner had another idea for him.  “We saw so many people,” Reiner told Brent Lang’s 2016 Variety oral. “Mostly, I remember being incredibly moved by River when he came in to read for Chris Chambers.” Haim prefered to headline Lucas that year.
  2. Joshua John Miller, River’s Edge, 1985.   Haim fell ill on the first day of shooting and was subbed by Miller.  Continuing his comeback (Time magazine said: Easy Rider Rides Again – he’d even taken up golf!), Dennis Hopoper gave what critic Roger Ebert called another of his possessed performances: “done with sweat and the whites of his eyes.”
  3. Corey Feldman, The Goonies, 1985.     Haim lost Mouth to Feldman – just as, four years later, Feldman lost Les in License To Drive to Haim. After appearing together in The Lost Boys, 1986, The Two Coreys became close friends and (mysteriously) the highest-paid teens and princes, if not kings of the US box-office through seven 80s/90s movies.
  4. Jonathan Silverman, Weekend at Bernie’s, 1988.  This would have made it ten films  with Corey Haim – during 1986-2008. When offered to The Two Coreys , the titie was Hot and Cold.  So were they. 
  5. Chris O’Donnell, Batman Forever, 1994. 

 Birth year: 1971Death year: 2010Other name: Casting Calls:  5