Diahnne Abbott

  1. Victoria Abril, La lune dans le caniveau (US: The Moon in the Gutter), France-Italy,  1982.    “Nudity wasn’t  the problem. That’s just the line they gave out. There were a lot of reasons.” No, just the one really…  The luscious Abbott  started perfecting her French with her producer Lisa Fayolle’s husband, actor Jacques Zanetti.  They switched to sex  – and and split for the US, where she was not Mrs Robert De Niro for much longer. Then,  like Diva, when Jean-Jacques Bienex wanted a blonde Marilyn and casting director Dominique Besnehard  found Vietnamese Thuy An Lu, Besnehard now replaced the black Bella with Spanish Abril and again JJB, never against interesting changes, was delighted. Thirty years on, Abril starred in Besnehard’s  first big success as a producer,  Mince alors!

  2. Gloria Foster, Leonard Part 6, 1988.     Bill Cosby chose and then dropped her,  leading to near fisticuffs from Robert De Niro outside Mr Chow’s restaurant in Manhattan.


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