Drew Carey

  1. Paul Bettany, A Knight’s Tale, 2000. “The two hardest parts to cast” recalled  auteur Brian Helgeland, ”were Chaucer and Jocelyn.” Sony first wanted Hugh Grant.  Seeing him as funny, they next wanted comic Drew Carrey, and Helgeland just couldn’t  see him as  the author of The  Canterbury Tales. OK, said, Sony, make him Wat – but Alan Tudyk had already undeniably nailed that.  (Jocelyn, by the way, was found DJing Gwyneth Paltrow’s birthday party – Shannyn Sossamon).   When Helgeland was away, his assistants taped a Brit actor for him – and then he flew back home. Later,  Sony insisted the director  should meet with Joaquin Phoenix  in London. : “Only if I can screen test Paul Bettany.” He then re-wrote wrote Chaucer for him.  But the Sony suits saw Paul in the UK’s Gangster No 1  and yelled: No way –  he’s a psychopath!”   Brian made more tests with him. ”No, no, “He’s not funny enough.”  He shot more tests and finally got him approved for his a medieval piece with a rock soundtrack. So why not  A Hard Day’s Knight?

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