Dyan Cannon

  1. Anne Francis, The Love God, 1968.  The titular rôle was played by… Don Knotts! An American answer to Charles Hawtrey! Cannon’s agent announced her options.  Co-starring in the last work to be written and directed by Nat (Bilko) Hiken and getting a five-picture Universal deal – or being  amongBob & Carol & Ted & Alice.  She voted Alice.  Atta girl!  he was once unkindly described by critic Pauline Kael as “looking a bit like Lauren Bacall and a bit like Jeanne Moreau, but the wrong bits.”
  2. Ann-Margret,  Carnal Knowledge,  1971.  When Jules Feiffer sent his new play to Mike Nichols, the stage and screen director immediately knew three details. 1. It was a film. 2. For Jack Nicholson. 3. But not his Easy Rider co-star, Karen Black. (They mutually agreed she  that she didn’t have the right figure). Feiffer didn’t think Jack matched his “young Jewish misogynist.” “Trust me,” said Nichols, “he’s going to be our most important actor since Brando.” That’s when Jules realised he “:an write ‘em, but can’t cast ‘em.”  Nichols took his time, seeing Ellen Burstyn, Dyan Cannon, Jane Fonda, Raquel Welch, Natalie Wood – before remembering Ann-Margret in Kitten With A Whip, 1964.
  3. Ali MacGraw, The Getaway, 1972.  When director Peter Bogdanovich (and his lady, Cybill Shepherd) fell out of the mix, Sam Peckinpah moved in and wanted his Cable Hoguestar Stella Stevens, Angie Dickinson or Dyan Cannon as Steve McQueen’s missus. Except Paramount boss Robert Evans wanted a change of image for his missus. “I can see it  now on the marquee: McQueen & MacGraw.” By the time we did, they were wed. McQueen & McQueen.  

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