Edy Williams

  1. Anouska Hempel, Blacksnake, 1973.      Edy and Russ Meyer were in  the divorce courts.  He asked the star of his first/last UK film, New Zealander David Warbeck, to find a replacement.  “I could only think of Anouska,” he told me in London. “Incredibly funny to see her whip Mr  Black Universe!” And to see such a slim beauty in a Meyer movie, renowned for gargantuan mammaries  “Lost my ass on that film,” moaned Meyer  (despite adding inserts of  bigger boobs). In 1998, having become the rich Lady Mark Weinberg, Anouska bought the UK rights to Tiffany Jones and Blacksnake to keep them out of circulation.  No UK TV screenings, no DVD releases, rein!   (And she was so pretty – dressed or otherwise!). 
  2. Shari Eubank, Supervixens, 1975.     Idaho’s Robyn Hilton certainly matched the matrix of a Russ Meyer woman.  But she passed  and he then decided to cast the missus, the ex-Fox starlet Edy Williams  Although Edy stripped naked on the Croisette, annually – and embarrassingly! – during  the Cannes Festival, she  refused to be a SuperVixen because, reported her astonished ex, “her career had reached the point where she didn’t want to take off her clothes.”  News to him. And to those funding her 22 more screen roles (best summed up by one 1990 title: Nudity Required) before she retired.

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