Elliott Dexter

1. – Thomas Meighan, Male and Female, 1919.   The   handsome Texan was a Cecil B DeMille favourite   in seven films.   He was too ill to be   JM Barrie’s admirable butler, Chrichton – the role made Meighan a star. With a pronounced limp, Dexter returned to the fold in two other Gloria   Swanson films in 1920. DeMille looked on him   like a (second) adopted son. He was the matchmaker behind Dexter marrying Marie Doro, co-star of his first CB film, Heart of Nora Flynn, l916. After their divorce, DeMille next staged Dexter’s secret marriage   to socialite Nina Chisholm Untermeyer at   the DeMille home   in 1922, three years before Dexter retired.


 Birth year: 1870Death year: 1941Other name: Casting Calls:  0