Elsa Zylberstein


  1. Maria de Medeiros, Pulp Fiction, 1994. Quentin Tarantino wanted the French actress – or at least he wanted to call her. But, believe it or not, she was in a New York hotel… without a phone. Or so she claimed.
  2. Audrey Tautou, The Da Vinci Code, 2005.
  3. Sabine Lenoel, La nuit des horloges, 2006. B-movie horrorsmith Jean Rollin was badly treated by “stars.” He loved Zylberstein in Tenue correcte exigée. But, as with Bernadette Lafont, he was still waiting her call a year later. Probably why he called her Zilberstein in his memoirs. 

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  3