Eric Estrada

  1. Caitlin [ex-Bruce] Jenner, CHiPS, TV, 1981.     When Erik Estrada walked out over a pay dispute, his place in the Highwayh Patrol series was taklen by Jenner.. Plan B was for Estrda to be axed and fully replaced by Jenner in a seventh season opposite Bruce Penhall in Larry Wilcox’s old spot before he quit over rows with Estrada. (They re-teamed up as actor-producers for the CHiPS 99tele-film in 1998).There had been trouble enough and so the seventh series – the show – was cancelled. Michel Peña and Dax Shepard starred in the 2016 film version.  With the poster pitch: CHIP happens.
  2. Cheech Martin, From Dusk Till Dawn, 1996. Originally due to play   Carlos the gangster – a switch from his wholesome TV image as a  motor-cycle cop during 1977-1983.


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