Estelle Parsons

  1. Shelley Winters, What’s the Matter with Helen?, 1970.     With Debbie Reynolds aboard (delighted at winning a role rejected by the great Joanne Woodward!),director Curtis Harrington and producer George Edwards talked  with  Parsons (the only Bonnie and Clyde cast member  to win an Oscar)  to help Reynolds run a 1930s dance school in  the new horror tale from Henry Farrell, author of  – but you’ve guessed it – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? in 1961. Shelley won the part and caused so many problems- “she drove us all insane!” – that Reynolds eventually collapsed with hyperventilation. She said Winters raced after her ambulance screaming: “Don’t you dare die, Debbie. They’ll blame me!”
  2. Jane Lowry, Alice, Sweet Alice (aka Communion), 1977.     The sole actor Oscar-winniner for Bonnie and Clyde wanted to be Aunt Alice.   According to  ex-porno director Alfred Sole, “the Screen Actors Guild wouldn’t let her do it on a deferred payment basis until they read the script and liked it.   By that time, it was too late.”
  3. Betsy Palmer, Friday The 13th, 1980.     Considered for Mrs   Pamela Voorhees, amoral mother of an amoral son, Jason. After the first sequel, Betsy quite the third in the horror series as the pay was so low. Enter: Laura Shaw



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