Evelyn Brent

  1. Julanne Johnston, The Thief of Bagdad, 1924.    Louise Brooks said “Evelyn’s idea of acting was to march  into a scene, spread her  legs and stand  flat-footed and read her lines with masculine defiance.” Good  enough for Doug and Mary Fairbanks to talk contracts with at the Algonquin.  She signed  but did not fancy the Bagdad princess, nor the UA set-up after posing for “pictures with Fairbanks holding me up in one hand and all of that silly stuff.” No affair with Fairbanks, she vowed in 1972. Gary Cooper?  “Yes… quite a  thing.”
  2. Rita La Roy, Blonde Venus, 1931.     The sultry petite from Tampa was beaten by Idahjo’s La Roy as the damed lady called Taxi Belle Hooper, No one cared. This was all about glorifying Marlene Dietruch and disregarding Cary Grant. The reasons why were the same. Josef von Sternberg was directing.

 Birth year: 1899Death year: 1975Other name: Casting Calls:  2