Francoise Fabian

  1. Sandra Milo, Les Aventures d’Arsène Lupin, France-Italy, 1956.     Fabian was regularly chosenfor 35-year-olds. Therefore, realisateur Jacques Becker couldn’t believe his eyes when she showed up for an audition looking all of her 22 years.He did not choose her as an actress – but, a year later, as his wife.
  2. Anouk Aimée, La Dolce Vita, Italy/France, 1960.    Marrying director Jacques Becker meant quitting three films – “you must only work with great directors and writers.” Even so, Becker refused Italianmaestro Federico Fellini’s offer after the maestro visited them, photographing the pregnant Fabian and saying he would need her four monthsafter the birthof their daughter.
  3. Mylène Demongeot, Les trois mousquetaires: Les ferrets de la reine and Les vengeance de Milady, France. 1961.     Bernard Borderie, an extremely pedestrian film-maker, went younger with Milady de Winter in probably thebest (French) adaptations of the Dumas gang.
  4. Françoise Verny, Eloge de l’amour(In Praise of Love), France-Switzerland, 2000.     Change of the old couple selling their WWII French Resistance stories to “Spielberg and Filmmaking Associates” in bilious realisateur Jean-Luc Godard’s most fiercely anti-American/anti-Hollywood work. Planned over five years, another trumpeted “Godard comeback” flopped. 


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