Gary Cole

  1. Kevin Spacey,  Wiseguy, TV, 1987-1990.     After burying  Cole and Billy Bob Thornton, Spacey was selected just three days before shooting  the  first of his seven episodes as Mel Profit in the hot CBS show about Organized Crime Bureau  agent Ken Wahl going undercover in the New York Mafia. The reason Martin Scorsese  had to rename his 1989 film, Goodfellas, the seriesalso provided rare dramatic work for Joe Dallesandro, Debbie Harry,  Jerry Lewis and… underage porno queen Traci Lords.
  2. JE Freeman, Miller’s Crossing, 1990.    The Coen brothers tackle 30s/40s, gangster noir. Eddie Dane was written (and nicknamed) for Stormare.  He was booked. So, the siblings slooked over Cole, Ray Barry, Kevin Spacey, David Strathairn, Ron Vawter. The Swede became The Dane – exactly what Stormare was playing on Broadway. Hamlet. 
  3. William Sadler, The Battle of Shaker Heights, 2003.    For the first time, a casting-go-round was covered by TV – in Ben Affleck-Matt Damon’s TV film-making series, Project Greenlight. After Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton proved unavailable for Abe, Cole and William Sadler auditioned. Gary won – but was  tied  to his Family Ties TV series.  Christopher McDonald was seen  being  fitted for his screen clothes when his schedule could not be rearranged. Christopher Lloyd was contacted but committed to another movie. And so, Abe  returned to  Sadler – one hour before  his emotional  scene with Shia LaBeouf.
  4. Dermot Mulroney, August: Osage County, 2012.    Oklahoma playwright (and actor) Tracy Letts wanted the Steppenwolf cast of his 2008 Pulitzer Prize- winning play to be in the film. And was, apparently, staggered to hear about Jim Carrey being seen for Steve Heidebrecht . That was Gary Cole’s role in on the London stage. But he refused all offers to reprise it when  his colleagues were not being  considered. .  


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