Glenn Danzig

  1. Hugh Jackman, X-Men quartet, 1999-2013.    A full decade earlier, when the Rambo company, Carolco, had the rights  and the smarts to mount a test-the-market, low-budget version of the Marvel comicbook, singer-songwriter Glenn Danzig  was tagged for Logan/Wolverine. He had much the same  physique and height (5ft 4ins) as the hero. Ten years later rumours insisted that Danzig (who wrote songs for Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, etc) was interviewed by director Bryan Singer for his version. Danzig’s age (50) and lack of acting experience were two strikes against him accepting a role in a franchise designed to span five years.  Other candidates included Russell Crowe, Aaron Eckhart, Mel Gibson,   Bob Hoskins (!), Viggo Mortensen, Edward Norton,  Keanu Reeves, Dougray Scott and – oh no! – Jean-Claude Van Damme. At last count Jackman

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