Godfrey Cambridge

  1. Rupert Crosse, The Partners, TV, 1971-1972.     Mel Brooks and Buck Henry’s Get Smart made Don Adams so hot that NBC jumped intohis next series idea without looking. Cambridge was lucky to avoid the mess after a falling out with Adams as – but you’ve guessed it! – Lethal Weapon, comedy style. Except it had no comedy and no style. All In The Family had begun changing both for evermore. “On the set, Don turns into Captain Queeg,” said Cambridge. “He doesn’t have those steel balls, but he drove me crazy. Now he’s saying: The chemistry wasn’t right. Don is so uptight. Finally you have to say to him: ‘Hey, man, the price ain’t right. I’m willing to get off…If you tried to find out who in this industry hates Don Adams the most, the line would run all the way to Phoenix…” And, NBC changed the premise – ruined and killed the show after 20 episodes.
  2. Julius  Harris,  Victory  At  Entebbe,  TV, 1976.      Died during production of the tele-film rushed into cinemas to win the battle of movies about of the Entebbe rescue raid to free Israeli hostages in July 1976. Harris was  Cambridge’s co-star in Friday Foster, 1975, and far too thin for the uniforms of Idi Amin…. who declared Cambridge’s death “a punishment from God.”




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