Gordon MacRae

  1. Jim Davis, Winter Meeting, 1947.   Bretaigne Windust, an unknown French director (better on stage) had been foisted on poor Bette Davis for this interminable weepie. He turned down four potentials for her wannabe lover, a wannabe priest (!().  Two tough guys: Burt Lancaster and Richard Widmark. And two musical stars: singer Gordon MacCrae and dancer Gene Nelson.  And so, war hero Lieutenant Slick Novack became Jim Davis, the future Jock Ewing in Dallas, 1978-1981.  He was way better in his test.In the  movie, ”he was lost,” said Bette, “and openly admitted it.”  Result: Bette’s biggest flop. Worse, she was stuck with Windust on her next outing, June Bride. A rare comedy for her. Her third turkey in a row as the post-war public changed its needs.  By now she was 40 – looking 50 – and going downhill. Fast.
  2. James Dean, Giant, 1955.


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