Harry_H Corbett

1. – Michael Caine, The Ipcress Fire, 1965. Harry Saltzman, co-producer  of the Bond films, saw the popular BBC TV star (an ex-Marine) as Len Deighton’s anonymous spy. “We’ll give him a name though.” A week later, Corbett told me that he had heard nothing.  Because director Lewis Gilbert’s son, John, had suggested his pal, Caine. Dad checked  him out and  called Paramount with high praise. “Michael who? Never heard of him.” “You  will…”  “OK, it’s just a cheap little British film, you go ahead and make it.”

2. – Ronald Fraser, Come Play With Me, 1976. The Steptoe & Son TV star declined the crappy nudie-movie opposite pin-ups and UK porno players like Mary Millington. And it ran non-stop in one London cinema for five years, 1977-81.

Birth year: 1925Death year: 1982Other name: Casting Calls:  2