Harvey Fierstein

  1. Scott Thompson,The Simpsons #308: Three Gays of the Condo, TV, 2003.   Since its 1989 birth, the yellowtoon family Simpson smashed records for episodes, audiences, and the most guest stars (as themselves or others). From Buzz Aldrin, Glenn Close (Homer’s Mom), Dennis Franz (Evil Homer!), George Harrison, Stephen Hawking, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Hope, Eric Idle to Paul and Linda McCartney, Conan O’Brien (a Simpsons writer made good), Michelle Pfeiffer, Mickey Rooney, Ringo Starr, Meryl Streep plus Barry (and Betty) White! Not all celebs played ball. Fierstein refused to reprise his Karl (from #15: Simpson and Delilah, 1990). “The script was a lot of very clever gay jokes, and there just wasn’t that Simpsons twist” The openly gay Thompson came from Canada’s comedy group, The Kids in the Hall.
  2. Melissa McCarthy, The Little Mermaid, 2021. It wasn’t just Ariel that everybody wanted to play. There was also Ursula, the shape-shifting octopus… Attracting interest – and rejections – for Lady Gaga, Audra McDonald. Plus, of course, the great R&B chanteuse, Lizzo, set her heart on being the wicked sea witch.  She sang Poor Unfortunate Souls on Twitter with white hair, purple make-up and a caption reading: “I’m Ursula. Period,” Harvey Fierstein was the rank outsider. (Hey, Harve, this is a Disney film, not John Waters!), And Lindsay Lohan, aiming to be Ariel, suggested Meryl Streep.  However  the Mouse Housers voted Melissa  for a second time, after The Kid, 2000.   The Covid 19 pandemic delayed the release until 2023.

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