Hayden Christensen

  1. Adrien Brody, The Village, 2003.    When Ashton Kutcher quit being Noah due to an overcrowded diary, auteur M Night Shymalan started a revised wish-list: Brody, Christensen, Aaron Eckhart, Thomas Jane.   Brody had something the others didn’t. An  Oscar. (Plus a tendency to over-act).

  2. Brandon Routh, Superman Returns, 2005.

  3. Gaspard Ulliel, Hannibal Rising, 2006.   Or Hannibal Lecter: The Teenage Years– more of a revenge trip for the wartime murder of his sister than a cannibal’s apprenticeship. Somehow a French actor beat such potential Lecters  as Dominic Cooper, Hayden Christensen, Macauley Culkin (honest!), Hugh Dancy, Rupert Friend, Tom Payne, Tom Sturridge to play the  cannibal nephew of Gong Li, no less… in the fifth movie since Manhunter, 1985.   “Ulliel tries his best,” said San Francisco Chronicle critic Peter Hartlaub.  “But it’s a losing battle from the start, in part because the actor looks like a cross between Matt Damon and Screech from Saved by the Bell– with a Jay Leno jaw that looks nothing like the nearly chinless Hopkins.”
  4. Rupert Friend, Cheri, 2008.   He passed.
  5. Justin Long, After.Life, 2009.   He passed again.
  6. Matt Damon, Hereafter, 2010. He was really annoying his agent… Jim Osborne. “He wouldn’t read for it. It’s so competitive for young actors right now that sitting on a farm in Toronto isn;t going to get him a job.” Not pleased, Christensen switch to David Guillot at the same Paradigm agency.
  7. Bill Skarsgård, Battlecreek, 2017.   Christiensen was attached for two years to the second film directed by Alison Eastwood – Clint’s daughter. But then the jedi was too old and Stellan Skarsgård’s son/Alexander Tarzan Skarsgård’s brother became Henry, coping with a rare skin disease. 

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