Hope Davis

  1. Alexandra Paul, Baywatch, TV, 1989-2001.     Her auditioned summed up her  career then… 
  2. Laura Linney, The Truman Show, 1998.      Davis and Annabella Sciorra were also in the terrifying tele-reality loop for the dimple-perfect wife of Jim Carrey, who has no idea that his life is, in fact, a TV show. Despite all the commercials continually uttered by wife and best pal among Truman’s world of, well, extras.
  3. Julia Stiles, The Omen, 2006.     She did not make all those fine NY indie movies to end up as Damien’s mum.  She came back in  contention  for better movies after  wondrous TV work in Six Degrees, TV, 2006-2007, and In  Treatment, TV, 2009.


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