Howard Duff

  1. Scott Brady, The Girl Who Took The West, 1949.     Duff, Stephen McNally and Deanna Durbin (or Ava Gardner) became Brady, John Russell and Yvonne De Carlo. Their tale told was three ways – by two Western cousins and the gal they’re fighting over – in a Western Rashômon made a year before Japanese ace Akira Kurosawa made his instant classic – re-made as a Western in its turn as The Outrage, 1964.
  2. Dana Andrews, Beyond A Reasonable Doubt, 1955.    Together with  his actress-director wife,  Ida Lupino, and writer Douglas Morrow, Diff  formed a company to film Morrow’s tale of a novelist fighting the flaws of capital punishment by framing himsel for murder. Ultimately, Bert Friedlob produced it as German director Fritz Lang’s last US movie.
  3. Murray   Hamilton, The Graduate, 1967.     


 Birth year: 1917Death year: 1990Other name: Casting Calls:  3