Ilene Kristen

  1. Robyn Millan, Ryan’s Hope, TV, 1979.   Brooklyn’s Kristen put ABC in at tizzy when suddenly quitting as Delia Ryan, one of the iconic daily soap characters. Millan was hired as her sub – temporarily, ie five  episodes only.
  2. Randall Edwards, Ryan’s Hope, TV, 1979-1982.  After Robyn Millan replaced Kristen for  five shows, Edwards became the third Delia. She started in March 1979. And was sacked in February 1982 – cruel world, soaps! – making room for Kristen’s return… until she, too, was fired in 1983! (See what I mean). Her sin was  medical –  gaining weight due to a thyroid illness.
  3. Robin Mattson,  Ryan’s Hope, TV, 1984.  When Kristen left the blue collar Irish-American family a second time, Mattson was contracted… for six months only. Ilene Kristen returned to her  to Delia in September 1986, this time lasting to the soap’s axing  on January 13 1989.  Final score:  Kristen 3, Others 3. 

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  3