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There are 7,733 actors detailed on the CCC website. Some have missed a single film. Others, many more. Then, there are the champions. Like these … 

1. Brando - bypassed 157 movies 
2. Nicholson - 148 
3. Cary Grant -142 
4. Paul Newman - 137
5. Robert De Niro- 121

Highest Brit remains Sir Sean at 105.
Highest lady is Bette Davis, 84 items; Jodie Foster, 73; Liz Taylor, 67; Katharine Hepburn, 66;Julie Christie, 64.
Newer Brigade: Tom, 116; Brad, 96; Johnny, 91; Julia, 61; Nicole Kidman, Michelle Pfeiffer, 60; Leo, 359; Jim Carrey, Madonna, 56.

(You'll find the full list at Champions in the Main Menu)



"Nearly every woman I know in Hollywood has been ‘Weinsteined’ at some point ... If not by him, then by someone else." Lisa Guerrero

"I don’t know if I want to work for Disney." Dave Bautista. A real hero (so far)

"This is my first priest… I’m ticking the boxes. Cowboy - check. Politician - check. Lawyer - check. I’ve basically spent my career working my way through The Village People."Rob Lowe on selecting roles

"What is the most important lesson life has taught me?
 You are never first choice." Zoe Wanamaker

"I’m nothing but compost most of the time." Bill Murray

"French films don’t want me anymore. I don’t make films anymore, I make children." Alain Delon, some years ago – as he’s 80 Now ??

"What Audrey Hepburn had, you couldn’t teach, you couldn’t even learn it. God kissed her on the cheek and there she was." Billy Wilder

"IF I had stayed in Hollywood, I would have killed myself. Or someone would have done it for me." Piper Laurie

"IF it's a sonuvabitch, give it to Bogart." Director Vincent Sherman

"IF you think I made poor pictures after A Woman's Face, you should see the ones I went on suspension not to make!" Joan Crawford

"Wherever I look, I find parts that are reminiscent of Luke or Hud or Fast Eddie. Christ, I’ve played those parts once and parts of them more than once. It’s not only dangerous to repeat yourself, it’s godamned tiresome." Paul Newman

"I'm totally the opposite. I'm a gardener, I rescue dogs ..." Udo Keir

"I could do movies nonstop, even if there were no film, no result, just for the pleasure of being with the crew. It's like summer camp! I couldn't live without a crew. Well, I wish I could live with a soccer team…!" Beatrce Dalle

"I hate auditioning. I just can't do it. I get so nervous, like cripplingly nervous. I'm bad at them, and I feel awful afterward." Robert Pattinson

During his 1943 audition for The Story of GI Joe, Robert Mitchum was asked by director William Wellman: “What do you do for a living?” Bob replied “That, Dad, is a matter of opinion.”




It’s Hollywood's favourite story about Hollywood … That’s why they keep telling it, about every 20 years. Except it’s 41 years this time. Although the fourth A Star Is Born has been on/off since 2011. And the mighty Brando was chased for it twice - 23 years apart!
Born was born as What Price Hollywood? in 1931. Hollywood journo Adele Rogers St John’s tale was based upon real LA folk. The matrix was simple. Alcoholic star on the skids discovers a radiant raw talent. She’s soon bigger than he ever was, and he kills himself rather than rain on her parade. That was Fredric March and Janet Gaynor (beating Elizabeth Bergner, Margaret Sullavan) in the first actual Star Is Born in 1936. They had the same names (Norman Maine and Esther Blodgett) in the 1953 re-make, with James Mason stealing what was, essentially, The Judy Garland Show.
By 1976, the star had become a wrecked rocker finding a new chick singer, John Newton Howard and Esther Hoffman, aka Cher, Liza Minnelli, Helen Reddy, Diana Ross and, finally, The Barbra Streisand Show, crushing poor Kris Kristofferson - "If I can't play a self-destructive musician - what can I play?" Except it was penned for “Sweet Baby James” Taylor. Or Neil Diamond, Mick Jagger, Kenny Loggins ... La Barb demanded: Elvis. He was flattered, not having made a movie since 1969 and nothing great since ’58. His manager, the dumb “Colonel” Parker, was horrified: Mah boy playing a loser ..!

What Price Hollywood

Constance Bennett
& Lowell Sherman

  A Star is Born 1936

Janet Gaynor
& Fredric March

  A Star is Born 1953

Judy Garland
& James Mason

  A Star is Born 1976

Barbra Streisand
& Kris Kristofferson

Born 5 began with Clint Eastwood aiming for Beyoncé and his J Edgar, Leonardo DiCaprio. Or Christian Bale, Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Robert Downey Jr, Eminem. Jon Hamm. Clint then mused over a black Born: Will Smith and Beyoncé (or Lauryn Hill), Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston. Clint also keen on jazz singer Esperanza Spalding. Next, he decided his American Sniper Bradley Cooper should direct himself opposite … who? Lady Gaga, said Brad. A deal was born.
Getting the right guy for Judy Garland was not so easy … Moved to tears by the original, Humphrey Bogart always talked about re-making it. Warner Bros refused, so Bogie quit the studio after 20 years! Richard Burton or Laurence Olivier were mentioned. Judy suggested Glenn Ford, Stewart Granger. Most guys fled the project for two reasons. They had no death wish to be seen as - or with - a Hollywood has-been.
Cary Grant was always George Cukor's choice. He had him read the script aloud at his pool - where Greta Garbo and Katharine Hepburn were swimming naked. The veteran director never forgot the Grant experience. "Absolutely magnificent, dramatic and vulnerable, beyond anything I'd ever seen him do. I was filled with great, great sadness … Cary could never expose himself like that in public." Cukor told Grant: "This is the part you were born to play." And Grant told Cukor: "That's why I won't." Pity, it would have won him an Academy Awards instead of having to wait for his 1970 honorary Oscar - presented by Frank Sinatra, who also nixed Judy.



Marie Windsor said Robert Cummings was known for having a mark on his dressing room door. "If a woman was taller than that, she couldn't get a job. Alan Ladd was the same way."

Imagine jazz singer Bill Henderson telling the family how his 74th film is Lethal Weapon 4. Wow! So you're Mel Gibson's new partner? Er, no, I'm … well, I'm … Angry Patient with Urine Sample.


Other Side of the Wind
The other side of John Huston, Orson Welles, Peter Bogdanovich
Move over, Gilliam … This one took 48 years to complete! Cannes chickened out, so the Venice festival unveiled the film many of us never thought we'd see - the long since finished but financially imprisoned final film of director Orson Welles, The Other Side of the Wind. Two movies in one (sexy drama and Euro auteur send up), it was shot during 1970-1977, as his budget came and went. Deadline Hollywood's Peter Bart says Welles shot a seven-minute sex scene … over two years … in three different locations!
Following numerous attempts by Orson's family and fans - and general indifference from Hollywood - Netflix has salvaged the lost picture into 122 minutes edited by Bob Murawski from 100 hours of rushes! Good, bad or otherwise, Orson's "thematic bookend" to Citizen Kane should be #1 on everyone's Must See List. John Huston plays John Huston (and a whole lot of Welles) - a volcanic iconic director with all the problems that Welles always attracted. "It plays like a contemporary film, not like a period piece." says ex-Spielberg producer Frank Marshall. He was location manager during the shoot, and now among the 17 producers, including Welles' daughter, Beatrice, and Peter Bogdanovich.
Orson's then-lady and co-writer, Oja Kodar, is in the cast with Susan Strasberg, Welles' regulars Mercedes McCambridge and Paul Stewart (Citizen Kane's valet, Raymond) plus directors from Claude Chabrol to a stoned (what else?) Dennis Hopper. He has a right to be there ... The Welles film and Terry Gilliam's (below) are clearly under the influence of Hopper's (in)famous Last Movie.


Heard some odd ideas in my time, but nothing quite as mad as Walt Disney, himself, considering Laurence Olivier, no less, to be Bert the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins, 1963. (To sweep, or not to sweep). Next? Alec Guinness, Rex Harrison, Richards Burton and Harris, Peters O’Toole and Sellers. Only Sellers made sense. Dick Van Dyke felt Bert was not for him and suggested Jim Dale. He wuz right. Hands up those who remember Jim Dale.


Gilliam's Don Quixote
"I'm going to try again. I think this is the seventh time. I actually just want to… get rid of it" - Terry Gilliam when finally able to kick-start his passion project, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote … history's most accursed film.
It began - you've seen the two doumentaries, right? - on September 25, 2000, with French veteran Jean Rochefort as the whacky knight and Johnny Depp as a Mad man and was abandoned after 15 days due to torrential rain, NATO jets, money and health issues. Rochefort, 83, a supreme horseman, could no longer stay on his horse due to a double spinal disc hernia, (his pain was visible on film). After stumping up $15m in claims, the insurance company kept a tight rein on the script until 2008 plans for Depp and Gilliam's fellow-Python, Michael Palin. "This time," said Terry, "we'll make a better film." Er, which this time?
1988: Euro money men suggested Sean Connery. Terry preferred Nigel Hawthorne with Danny De Vito as the Sancha Panza figure. 2005: Unbelievably - desperately? - overweight Gérard Depardieu was announced as the thin white Don. "We're gonna need a bigger horse."
2010: Robert Duvall and Ewan McGregor. 2012: Duvall, Owen Wilson. 2014: John Hurt, Jack O'Connell (or Josh Brolin, DanielCraig, Colin Farrell, Robert Downey Jr, Sam Worthington). 2016: Palin again opposite Adam Driver. And, finally, 2017: Jonathan Pryce (in his fourth Gilliam film; he was actually in the 2000 cast) and Driver.
The result is what we have too little of these days. A film by Terry Gilliam. And another (and he made his own Quixote movie) by Orson Welles. Bliss!
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This is the film that bred this site ... after Robert Redford told me he'd planned a little black-white version - with Robert De Niro, and Michael Moriarty as Woodstein.

WELCOME to a unique directory of what you never saw on-screen. The films the stars did not make. The movies that never were. The most definitive collation of casting stories ... Check up on all the films - of yesterday, today and tomorrow - that your favourite stars never made... A cast of thousands - 7,333 actors - to click on... More than 40 years in the making!! And 2,263,601 words of spirited text. The ultimate in movie trivia ... Better! Exactly the kind of history that Hollywood deserves. Back to front. Upside-down. Inside out. Full of flashbacks, close-ups, tracking shots (and, alas some badly edited sequences - sorry about that!) forming a fascinating, new and often bizarre flip-side perspective on your treasured movies and stars.


Elizabeth Counsell used the celebrated mink glove in her test for Patricia, Sean’s Thunderball masseuse.



How Hollywood ruined Marilyn Monroe's dream role in The Brothers Karamazov is on Marilyn's page - item #17


Why didn't Rip Torn make Easy Rider - see his blue section on his page.


For the fullest story of why Anthony Michael Hall did not make Stanley Kubrick's 'Nam classic, go to Hall's page. (The blue section).


Meryl v Italian producer Dino de Laurentiis. Read all about it - in her first item.


Horrendous news. Looks like the Woody Allen witch-hunters have won ... After making a film non-stop every year for 43 years, he has not been able to set up a new production since last year’s A Rainy Day in New York (totally shelved by Amazon). No one will now invest or act in his projects. Those that did so just trot out the same lie: “I knew nothing of the allegations.” Of course, they did! We all did. Since Mia Farrow alleged - as far back as … 1992! - that he abused their daughter, Dylan.
“Sadly,” he says, “I'm sure Dylan truly believes what she says.” At 82 his defence remains the same. “I never molested my daughter - as all investigations concluded a quarter of a century ago." Which is why Woody was allowed to adopt two children. But not to make more films. Something decidedly wrong there … Particularly when Mel Gibson and Bryan Singer have just signed hefty directing deals.

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