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There are 7,496 actors detailed on the CCC website. Some have missed a single film. Others, many more. Then, there are the champions. Like these … 

1. Brando - bypassed 153 movies 
2. Nicholson - 145 
3. Cary Grant -138 
4. Robert De Niro- 121 
5. Paul Newman - 119
7. Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman - 119

Highest Brit remains Sir Sean at 105.
Highest lady is Bette Davis, 83 items; Jodie Foster, 73; Liz Taylor, 66; Julie Christie, 64; Katharine Hepburn,Meryl Streep, 63; Julia Roberts, 60; Debra Winger, 58; Jane Fonda, 57; Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer, 56.
Newer Brigade: Brad, 96; Johnny, 91; Leo, Jim Carrey 56; Nicole Kidman, 57; Natalie, 43; Aishwarya, 41; Lindsay Lohan (!), 40; Ewan, Matt, 34; Christian, 33.

(You'll find the full list at Champions in the Main Menu)



"I'm dyslexic. I can act or read. But I can't do both." Cher

"Sometimes it can be a very simple thing, like: Wow, I want to ride that motorcycle and wear those clothes." Willem Dafoe on selecting roles

"I could do movies nonstop, even if there were no film, no result, just for the pleasure of being with the crew. It's like summer camp! I couldn't live without a crew. Well, I wish I could live with a soccer team…!" Beatrce Dalle

"He's the right height for a movie star. I'm too short." Jack Nicholson on Warren Beatty.

"I've taken movies for the money in order not to have to take movies for the money." Michael Keaton

"All the roles I refused were unnecessarily vulgar." Ginger Rogers (Oh really like… Annie Get Your Gun, Ball of Fire, King Kong (the first), Mary of Scotland, Now Voyager, South Pacific?)

"You don't make TV shows for fun - you make them for money." Lee Marvin

"I was a great casting director - forever suggesting other people instead of me." Alexandra Stewart.  She turned down Honey in Dr No.

"Acting is like masturbation. One either does it or one doesn't, but one never talks about it." * Eric Portman (*Except Ernest Borgnine and Gloria Stuart).

"Stardom? Your name becomes a brand image like a product. You become Campbell's soup, with 31 different varieties of roles you can play." Jack Nicholson.

"A big fat lady came up to me and asked, 'How do you get into the movies?' 'Take off your clothes,' I told her. 'But what about acting school, shouldn't you go to acting school first?' she asked. 'No, no, no! You just take off your clothes.'" Viva, the Andy Warhol superstar who did just that.




Terry Gilliam had no idea what he was getting into when back in the early 80s, he finished his first draft of what became The Man Who Killed Don Quixote… history’s  most accursed film.. 
"I'm going to try again. I think this is the seventh time. Lucky seven, maybe. We'll see if it happens. I actually just want to … get rid of it." That was Gilliam when finally able to kick-start his passion project. Hallucinatory, of course. But with certain changes. Time-travel vanished. Plus actors (three died) who started shooting or were seen, considered or signed for other versions. 
Shooting began, of course - you’ve seen the two documentaries, right? - on September 25, 2000, with French veteran Jean Rochefort as the whacky knight  and Johnny Depp as a Mad man. That was abandoned after 15 days due to torrential rain, NATO F-16 s overhead, money and health issues. Rochefort, 83, a supreme horseman, could no longer get on and stay upon his horse due to a double spinal disc hernia, (His pain was visible on film). After stumping up $15m in claims, the insurance company kept a tight grip on the script until 2008 plans for Depp and Gilliam’s fellow-Python, Michael Palin. 
"This  time, we will make a better film."  Er, which this time ..?  
1988: Euro money men suggested Sean Connery. Terry preferred Nigel Hawthorne with Danny De Vito as the Sancha Panza figure. They are the original odd couple, the Laurel and Hardy matrix.
2005: Unbelievably - desperately? -  big, fat Gerard Depardieu was announced as the thin white Don. "We’re gonna need a bigger donkey."
2010: Robert Duvall  and Ewan McGregor.
2012: Duvall, Owen Wilson.
2015: John  Hurt, Jack O’Connell (or Josh Brolin, Daniel Craig,  Colin Farrell, Robert Downey Jr,  Sam Worthington). 
2016: Palin again opposite Adam Driver. And, finally,
2017: Jonathan Pryce (in his fourth Gilliam film; he was actually in the  2000 cast) and Driver.  
Even after finishing the impossible dream, a previous producer then tried to block its Cannes festival  screening and release! "I’m hoping the people who have  been waiting all this time will not be disappointed."
Well, of course, we are. We’ve all made the damned thing in our heads (with any of the  casts - well, not Depardieu!) and Terry’s imagination is not ours.  Nor his, one supposes, after 17 years of rewrites, dashed hopes, stress, pain and utter fatigue. He never gave up (though why ask Palin and not John Cleese?) and the result is that which we have far too little of these days. A film by Terry Gilliam.  


Cate Blanchett and Greta Gerwig are Martians. They know nothing of life on Earth. Same for the sudden, long line of Woody Allen bashers. From young Timothée Chalamet to ancient Michael Caine. They sing from the same hymn sheet. "I'll never work with him again" (he's not asking) and, worse: "I knew nothing of the allegations." Of course, they did! We all knew of Mia Farrow's allegation that Allen abused their daughter, Dylan. It was scandalous news from as far back as … 1992! OK, Chalamet was not born until 1995 - that's no excuse, kid. In recent years, the opening of each new Allen film has been met with a media blitz from Mia and son, Ronan Farrow. Therefore, it is impossible not to have known.
What's changed these people, once so eager to work with Allen? Dylan has been on TV and said what we'd only read she had said before. Changed nothing.
The essential fact the bashers choose to ignore, as Alec Baldwin keeps reminding them, is Allen was "investigated forensically by two states (New York and Connecticut) and no charges were filed." In fact, the 1993 report by Child Sexual Abuse Clinic of the Yale-New Haven Hospital and New York State Child Welfare said: "It is our expert opinion that Dylan was not sexually abused by Mr. Allen." (Furthermore, after a rigorous investigation, Allen and his wife were allowed to adopt two children.)
Her elder brother, Moses was 14 in 1992, quit the Farrow nest as soon as he could, is now 50 and, ironically, a family therapist. He has said that he witnessed Mia Farrow relentlessly coaching Dylan… about her father being a dangerous sexual predator.
"Seems to have worked," says Allen, "and, sadly, I'm sure Dylan truly believes what she says." His defence remains the same. "I never molested my daughter - as all investigations concluded a quarter of a century ago." Case closed. Except for Martians.


After doing almost everything on UK TV - Whitechapel, The Wire, Happy Valley, The Tunnel, Killjoys, not forgetting Violet in Cucumber and Banana and, obvioiusly, Ornela in GOT – the stunning Hannah John-Kamen is now knocking big movies out of the park. She debuted in JJ's Star Wars (helluva way to start). This year she's into a triple whammy.
We've already had Tomb Raider and Ready Player One (her F'Nale Zandor. was specially written for Spielberg's movie - she used to singalong with Steven on the set). Next, she's the bad guy, Ghost, in Ant Boy and the Wasp. Ghost was a real guy in the comix. But as HJ-K she told Hollywood Reporter: "I always say until you take the character out of a comic book and make it your own, it's still a character in a comic book. So it's up to you to bring it to life."



Well, that was Solo, that was. Been and gone, lightspeed style. A bitter disappointment How can you fail with Han Solo? That’s like failing with 007! Disney’s Lucasfilm might now learn that slapping the Star Wars logo on any film does not make it good or a new franchise. They should pace these things (like Marvel) or or we’ll be into C3P0 - The College Years before we know it.
Hopefully, Alden Ehrenreich will recover from the mess - hardly his fault. How happy his beaten rivals must be feeling … They included Scott Eastwood, Taron Kingsman Egerton, Ansel Divergent Elgort, Tom (Draco Malfoy) Felton, Rami Malek (TV’s Mr Robot, cinema’s Freddie Mercury), Jack O’Connell (almost in Don Quixote), Miles Teller, Max Theriot, Ed Westwick. Plus the unknown Emery Cohen, actor-singer Blake Jenner and Nick Robinson.
So, Richie Cunningham’s daughter is better box-office than old Pop. And Solo will never be a duet. Not for a decade or more. Who knows it might have been better if Ron Howard hadn’t messed around with the Phil Lord- Christopher Miller version. Disney thought that stank. How come they didn’t sniff the the same about Howard’s take? Simple. It’s called corporate greed.

Moriarty and De Niro

GODPOP Shakespeare icon Laurence Olivier as Mafia Godfather Don Corleone – fuhgeddaboudit!

  Shirley Temple in Little Women

After lavish tests of Shirley Temple for 1949's Little Women, MGM chose Janet Leigh as Meg.

  Selleck as Indiana Jones

How Indiana Jones was supposed to look. With Steven Spielberg's first choice. Tom Selleck.

  Albert Finney as Lawrence of Arabia

"What role?" "All of them!" said Stanley Kubrick. Sellers never finished this fourth ...



The Magnificent Seven made new generation stars out of Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Coburn, etc. But it was first aimed in 1959 at old hats Clark Gable, Glenn Ford, Stewart Granger. And just two newer guys: Anthony Franciosa, Dean Jones. All to be directed by Yul Brynner … who wanted to call the Seven Samurai re-make: The Magnificent Six. Like re-making Ben-Hur as Ben-Herbie



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This is the film that bred this site ... after Robert Redford told me he'd planned a little black-white version - with Robert De Niro, and Michael Moriarty as Woodstein.

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The UK's Rome pinup Gloria Paul was among the Domino wannabes testing for Thunderball.



How Hollywood ruined Marilyn Monroe's dream role in The Brothers Karamazov is on Marilyn's page - item #17


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Meryl v Italian producer Dino de Laurentiis. Read all about it - in her first item.

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During his final film, The Captain Hates The Sea, 1933, John Gilbert's alcoholism was not exactly helped by being in a cast of boozers, particularly during the shooting at sea. Columbia czar Harry Cohn cabled director Lewis Milestone: "Return to studio. The cost is staggering." Milestone replied: "So is the cast!"


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