Payday Loans

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Will Ferrell

  1. Owen Wilson, The Wedding Crashers, 2004.   Ferrell preferred a smaller role in the often hilarious proceedings. T’other crasher was Vince Vaughn. The duo also co-starred in The Internship, 2013.
  2. Sam Rockwell, The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 2005.
  3. Kevin Spacey,   Superman Returns, 2006.
  4. Andy Samberg, Hot Rod, 2006.     Change of the titular stuntman preparing to jump across 15 buses (to raise money for his abusive stepfather’s cardiac  surgery). Saturday Night Livers Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone re-wrote Pam Brady’s scenario, shot the comedy during hiatus, finished on Septemer 23 and were back at SNL two days later. The writers were Ferrell’s  partners in the Lonely Island comedy troupe.
  5. Steve Carell, Get Smart, 2008.     A vast improvement on 1979’s Nude Bomb, the previous movie about Maxwell Smart, the Clouseauesque spy for CONTROL v Russia’s CAOS. Jim Carrey was attatched ten years earlier. Ferrell changed his mind. The original Smart, Don Adams, who died in 2005, always intended Toronto’s Eric McCormack to be his successor.  
  6. James McAvoy, Arthur Christmas, 2010.  Will Ferrell, Andy Samberg and David Tennnant were also considered for the toon about Santa’s clumsy offspring - given two hours to solve a major Christmas gift glitch.
  7. Alec Baldwin, Rock of Ages, 2011.      There was a moment whenBaldwin(re-born via TV’s 30 Rock)was about to withdraw as ex-rocker Denns Dupree. And calls went out to Ferrell and the star he was first to succeed in The Office - Steve Carrell.
  8. Ben Stiller, The Watch, 2012.   Two years earlier director David Dobkins and Ferrell fell out and quit the project - just after Ferrell topped the Forbes magazine list of overpaid Hollywoodians  (his films were earning only $3.29 for every $1 of his salary). Plan B was Saturday Night Live’s Akiva Schaffer helming Stiller. Where was Plan C when it was needed?
  9. Ben Stiller, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, 20123     During the 20 long life of trying to re-make Danny Kaye’s version of the 1939 James Thurber short story… Ferrell was in talks after the (first) departures of Jim Carrey and Stiller. Next in line: Sacha Baron Cohen, Mike Myers, Owen Wilson.  Finally, Ben also directed reducing Mitty’s daydreams and giving him a real adventure - almost as if this was a sequel to a re-make and not the re-make. 
  10. Mark Wahlberg, The Six Billion Dollar Man, 2019. Plans to reboot the old series were floatiewd and shelved on and off for a decade or more. Paul WS Anderson, Kevin Smith, Steven E de Souza:  they all wanted to direct. The Farrelly Brothers had a comic version ready for Farrell, Jim Carrey or Chris Rock.  From 2016 onwards (ev emn at 48), Wahlberg kept the faith as The Man, a bionic ex-astronaut with the inflation-related price tag: the1974-1978 series was The Six Million Dollar Man).  His directors changed from Peter Berg and Argentinian Damián Szifrón to, finally, Bumblebee man Travis Knight. Mr #6b  was the only superhero he was interetsted in.“I don’t care what it is, how much I’m getting paid, I’m not leaving my trailer in a cape.”

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