Payday Loans

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Peter Fonda

  1. Cliff Robertson, PT 109, 1963.   The role was Lieutenant (jg) John F Kennedy. And JFK had the last word on who would play him.
  2. Bruce Dern, The Wild Angels, 1966.   Promotion. Fonda took on the leading role of Black Jack (changed to Heavenly Blues by Peter), when George Chakiris refused to do his own motor-cycling. Dernsie took over Fonda’s Loser.
  3. Robert Vaughn, The Venetian Affair, 1967.    Peter was still a Roger Corman biker, two years away from Easy Rider glory, when replaced by the rise and rise of TV’s top spy, The Man From UNCLE, 1964-1968.
  4. Dean Stockwell, The Dunwich Horror, 1969.     Director Curtis Harrington was pepping up the AIP script for Fonda when “there was this commotion going on out front. We all went outside. AIP had loaned Fonda a Lincoln convertible. He’d left this car sitting there with the engine running, with a note stuck on the windshield  that read: ‘You can take this car and The Dunwich Horror and shove them up your ass!  Columbia has more guts than you’ll ever have!’  Columbia had just agreed to finance Easy Rider.”
  5. Ryan O’Neal, Love Story, 1970.
  6. Kris Kristofferson, Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid, 1972.
  7. Jack Nicholson, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, 1974.
  8. Robert De Niro, Taxi Driver, 1975
  9. David Carradine, Deathrace 2000, 1975.     “Too ridiclous for words…” Producer Roger Corman had pre-sold the film and offered him a lot of money. No script, just drawings of cars. "I couldn't do it as it was over the Christmas holidays I wanted to spend with my child." Carradine accepted because the character was called Frankenstein "and I felt like one [Due to his Kung Fu TV fame]. The film proved Frankenstein was OK. I wanted to get that information out."
  10. Bradford Dillman, Piranha, 1978.     After Peter Fonda refused the hero Paul  Grogan. He was succeeded by Eric Braeden, until he left for another gig.    Enter Dillman in his first film for Roger Corman - "the best of the Jaws rip-offs,” said Steven Spielberg.  
  11. John Mahoney, Say Anything, 1989.     This was the first time that writer-director Cameron Crowe heard about Fonda's daughter, Bridget-future star of his second film, Singles, 1992.


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