Payday Loans
Edward Asner

1. - George C Scott, The New Centurions, 1972.  “There were a number of movie roles,” said Ed, the TV newspaperman Lou Grant,  “that I didn't get because of  the snobbism and  discrimination  in  the film industry.”

2. - Robert Shaw, The Sting, 1973.  “In each case, I was  informed they didn't want a TV face.”

3. - Paul Mazursky, A Star Is Born (1976).

4. - Jackie Cooper, Superman 1978.

5. - Jack Lemmon, Missing, 1982.  “Ed was very, very interested, so were the producers,” says Costa-Gavras.  “I liked him, very much. But I needed someone less... robust.  More fragile.  Jack is always vulnerable in his films once he's outside of America.”


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