Payday Loans

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Ruth Gordon (1896-1985)

  1. Agnes Moorhead, Since You Went Away, 1943.   “This is a story of the Unconquerable Fortress: the American Home...” Gordon passed on an offer to be Emily Hawkins from the producer-writer and one of four directors, David O Selznick. Moorehead took over Emily. In her usual role, said most critics - an annoying socialite. She was, in fact, the screen mother of 'em all: from Jimmy Stewart, Dan Dailey, John Wayne, Alec Guinness to Jesse James and Charles Foster Kane.
  2. Katherine Helmond, Time Bandits, 1980.     Ruth was suddenly out as The Ogre’s Wife because Gilda Radner - the hottest name in Hollywood, according to the Hollywood-starry-eyed exec producer Dennis O’Brien  -  “does a really good old lady on Saturday  Night Live.”  Fine, said Michel  Palin, but Ruth is a great old lady!  Soap star Helmond was funnier and Gilliam invited her to join another of his  movies, Brazil, 1984. 
  3. Ken Hudson Campbell, Breakfast of Champions, 1999.    Alice Cooper, Peter Falk, Sterling Hayden - great ideas from director Robert Altman for his take on Kurt Vonnegeut. Topped by having Ruth as old man Rosewater. Italian producer   Dino De Laurentiis pulled the plug when their Buffalo Bill and the Indians fell at the first post. And second. And third...


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