Payday Loans

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Arsenio Hall

  1. Garrett Morris,  The Stuff, 1984.  Seen for the junk food mogul "Chocolate Chip" Charlie W. Hobbs in the latest dish of horror from auteur Larry Cohen  about a mysterious new dessert sensation arriving from… out there… somewhere…   Asked about  working with Cohen, Morris famously replied: “I was taught growing up that if you don’t have something nice to say about someone, don't say anything at all.”
  2. Eddie Murphy, Boomerang,  1993.    Orginally developed for Murphy by writers Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, then re-written for his TV talk show pal and finally back to Murphy (this time  with a “story by” credit).  All that effort for  all that zilch.
  3. Will Smith, Bad Boys, 1995.     What had been set  Bulletproof Hearts for Dana Carvey and Joln Lovitz, churned into Hall and Martin Lawrence...  until helmer Michael Bay saw Smith as The Fresh Prince  of Bel Air on TV.


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