Payday Loans

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Josh Hartnett

  1. Mark Wahlberg, Traveller,1996.   Hartnett was in the mix for Pat studying the scams of the Costello family - American Romani (Roma) gypsies, like himself.  Wahlberg won it. And lost. When  this was  among the first seven films  foreclosed by the Screen Actors Guild for non-payment of wages and residuals. All rights to the  movie were auctioned off in 2004.
  2. Ryan Hurst, Remember The Titans, 1999.   Auditioned for the white high school football star caught between his old coach, Will Patton, and the new, Denzel Washington, in a  metaphor of  the growing pains of Virginia desegregation.
  3. James Franco, Deuces Wilds, 2001.     Frankly, he quit ’cos he got a better (paid) gig . Pearl Harbour
  4. Ben Foster, Get Over It, 2001.    Pearl Harbour was still in the way, not that Miramax was very pleased to release him. The company felt that with him (opposite Kirsten Dunst), the teenage romance movie would have struck gold. Maybe.
  5. Stuart Townsend, Queen of the Damned, 2001.    Imnpossible for Tom Cruise to star above that title..   So he reefused to  reprise  Lestat from Interview With A Vampire.  When Wes Bentley also withdrew, Josh was considered.
  6. Giovanni Ribisi, Cold Mountain, 2002.    Eric Bana, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Josh were all considered for roles
  7. Ashton Kutcher, The Butterfly Effect, 2003.    Kutcher had lost two previous films to Hartnett: Pearl Harbour, 2001, and 40 Days and 40 Nights, 2002.  This one was not worth the effort.
  8. Jake Gyllenhaal, Jarhead,  2004.   Also seen by UK director Sam Mendes to be Anthony Swofford,  the Desert Storm grunt who wrote about  never even firing his weapon: Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emile Hirsch, Joshua Jackson,  Tobey Maguire, Shane West.
  9. Brandon Routh,  Superman Returns, 2006.
  10. Cuba Gooding Jr, Hero Wanted, 2007.   The thriller about vengeance wreaking further vengeance had first been planned as a Hartnett vehicle - with a different scenario.
  11. Johnny Depp, The Rum Diary, 2009.    After Johnny Depp’s plans to play gonzo journo Hunter S  Thompson a second time rocked but never rolled in 2000, Harnett and Benicio De Toro  (to direct, as well) were signed for a 2002 version. That didn’t happen either. Depp got his way in 2009. With Dark & Stormy Entertainment!
  12. Tom Hiddleston, Thor, 2010.    Much rumoured for Loki - eventually won by one of the actors auditioning  for the titular superhero of Marvel comicbook fame.
  13. Jeremy Renner, The Bourne Legacy, 2011.   Three was enough for Matt Damon. The studio did not agree and kept the franchise alive by rebooting  Jason Bourne as Aaron Cross - “There Was Never Just One.” Who should play him from 19 hopefuls?  Not Harnett - no wonder he was soon seeking a new agent. Renner, Hollywood’s new (and young) white hope since The Hurt Locker, was already picked to carry on the après-Cruise Mission: Impossible franchise.


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