Payday Loans
Lew Ayres (1908-1996)

  1. David Manners, Dracula, 1930. Lew, the universal soldier of All Quiet On The Western Front, was James Whale's first choice as John  Harker.   Once switched to another Universal project, he was replaced by Robert Ames, who in turn was replaced by Manners.  The  bisexual Ayres’ lovers included Ginger Rogers (second of his three wives) and...   Spencer Tracy.
  2. Leslie Howard, Gone With The Wind, 1938.
  3. Van Heflin, HM Pulham, Esq, 1940.   In the  mix for Bill King in the John P Marquand story - the basis of co-star Hedy Lamarr’a favourite movie. 
  4. Philip Dorn, Calling Dr Gillespie, 1942.    After his tenth Dr  Kildare episode in four years, Ayres was thrown out with the swabs for declaring himself a conscientious objector.  What else from the star of  All Quiet on the Western Front?  Scared of adverse reaction, MGM re-shot Born To Be Bad,  pushing old Dr G into the title and turning Dr Kildare into Dr Gerniede. Introduced as Dr Gillespie's New Assistant in #11, Van Johnson then took over for three  more movies  as Dr  Ames. The public preferred Lew and the series expired  in 1945.
  5. Thomas E Breen, The River/Le fleuve, France-India-USA, 1951.    The legendary French realisateur Jean Renoir, at the end of his US career, planned a three month shoot in India that lasted six. He spent a full year on the editing, without ever hiding the fact that Tommy Breen was way out of his depth as Captain John.
  6. Juliette Caton, The Last Temptation of Christ, 1988.   Paul Schrader wrote the angel/devil as an Arabboy - “that brought connotations” is how director Martin Scorsese put it. In his1983 cast, he selected Ayres. By 1988, however, he followed Italian directors Mario Bava and Federico Fellini by making the devil a girl - aged 13.  When she spoke, the voice was a combination of Scorsese and…  Peeping Tom scenarist Leo Marks and Scorsese.




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