Payday Loans
Trevor Howard (1916-1988)


  1. Orson Welles, The Third Man,  1947.     British director Carol Reed's original thought for Harry Lime became his hunter, Major Calloway.
  2. Kieron Moore, The Naked Heart, 1949.  Producer Alexander Korda  began filming his version of Maria Chapdelaine in Canada with his new UK "star,"  Barbara White,  and Howard -  threw it away and started anew three years later Moore and Michele Morgan.
  3. Leo Genn, The Red Beret (US: Paratrooper), 1952.   According to The Hollywood Reporter, circa ‘51, Howard would star  in Cubby  Broccoli’s debut as  producer.  Well, he dud appear in Broccoli’s fifth, The Cockleshell Heroes,  1955,  but not this one. Howard was an early  popular choice for Cubby’z first film about Bond, James Bond.
  4. Stewart Granger, Bhowani Junction, 1955.    Director George Cukor wanted Howard for Colonel Rodney Savage - one of three men (rather than  Cukor’s usual two) surrounding the heroine.  Ava Gardner in this case - at her most erotic.
  5. Anthony Quayle, The Battle of the River Plate, 1956.   Second in line behind Quayle to be Commodore Henry Harwood, of HMS Ajax, when director Michael Powell could not land the Admiralty's (and Hollywood's) main choice: Jack Hawkins
  6. Michael Rennie, Omar  Khayyam,  1957.     "A ridiculous thing," said Howard who avoided  LA  like the plague.  "Once they  tried to  fix a deal  over  my  head without giving me the slightest idea what the part was.  When I refused, they took  it  to  the courts."  So,  little  hesitation  in rejecting Omar's Rubiayat advice:  "Ah, take the cash in hand and waive the rest."
  7. Peter O’Toole, Lawrence of Arabia, 1961.
  8. Rex Harrison, Cleopatra, 1963.
  9. Sean Connery, Thunderball, 1965.
  10. David Niven, Casino Royale, 1966.

  11. George C Scott, The Bible... In the Beginning, 1966.    Orson Welles’ idea for Abraham - before John Huston took over the entire project as director, Noah, and the voice of the Narrator, The Serpent and, well why not one more, of God, Himself.
  12. Mary Morris, The Prisoner, TV,1967.Forthe Dance of the Dead episode,Howard was due asthe latest Number 2 - dressed as Jack The Ripper.Director Don Chaffey substituted Morris dressed as Peter Pan.
  13. Jack Hawkins, Shalako, 1968.     Between the opening announcement and shooting, there was a change of Sir Charles Daggett.
  14. TP McKenna, Straw Dogs, 1971.    Howard and director Sam Peckinpah in the same bar - the film would never have started! McKenna was playing Major Scott, with an arm in a sling... he'd busted it during a wild Peckinpah party with a somehookers, what else.
  15. Robert Mitchum, The Wrath of God, 1972.   Director Ralph Nelson always wanted Howard as Father Oliver Van Horne in the tongue inTex-Mex cheeky Western -  Rita Hayworth's 66th and final movie.
  16. Marius Goring, Holocaust, TV, 1978.    Refused the role of Heinrich Palitz.
  17. John Castle, Eagle’s Wing, 1979.    He passed on a rare British Western. Obviously!
  18. Marlene Dietrich, Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo/Just A Gigolo, Germany, 1979.    And he also passed on what became Marlene's55th and final screen role -running a Berlin gigolo stable. It was scenarist Joshua Sinclair who suggested switching the pimp to a madame.Marlene agreed to her first film for 16 years(in Paris, minus co-star David Bowie) andwas "quaking with nerves, " saidher final director David Hemmings. "She was incredibly self-fulfilling as an actress.... She even agreed to sing ’Just A Gigolo.’ There was - literally - not a dry eye in the house. We had been admitted to a moment of great professional privilege."
  19. Alan Webb, The First Great Train Robbery, 1979.    "I've been #2 in films for donkey's years." Here, he  was suggested for  Edgar Trent by Sean Connery -   who had become A Giant Star  as James Bond, a role once considered for Howard.
  20. Freddie Jones, The Elephant Man, 1980.   Refused to run the freak show... starring poor John Merrick.

  21. Edward Fox, Never Say Never Again, 1983.
  22. Thorley Walters, The Sign of Four, TV, 1983.    In Britain, Walters was almost as famous as Hollywood’s Nigel Bruce for playing Dr Watson. Not this time. David Healy - an American, by thunder! - worked with Ian Richardson’s Holmes . And Walters replaced Howard as Major John Sholto, his first non-Watsonian appearance in a Conan Doyle tale.
  23. Patrick Stewart, Lifeforce, 1984.   Or, lifeforces… considering director Tobe Hooper had an army of 44 UK actors for just one role!  Included on theDr Armstrong list were three Doctor Whos and (Dr) Graham Chapman of the Monty Python gang!  Howard was among 27 listed for two or more roles.  And all the time,  Hooper knew it didn’t matter a damn who played what guy as all eyes would be on Mathilda May - resplendently naked for almost the entire 116 minutes. (A rare accomplishment,  swiftly copied the following year by another Parisienne,  Patricia Barzyk - Miss France 1980 - in Jean-Pierre Mocky’s La machine à découdre).
  24. Frank Finlay, Lifeforce, 1984.  The next  search was for German actors  (hello, Anton Diffring!) or those who could play German. Result: 22 possibilities…  Howard, Bernard Archard, John Bennett, Dirk Bogarde, Nigel Davenport, Denholm Elliott, Michael Gough, Bernard Hepton, Freddie Jones, Klaus Kinski, Hardy Kruger, Herbert Lom, James Mason (ah, Rommel!),  Donald Pleasence, Cifford Rose, Leonard Rossitier, Maximilian Schell, Vladek Sheybal, Robert Stephens and even Max von Sydow (hey, an accent is an accent).  All up for Hans Fallada, an expert of - get this! - life after death… 
  25. Aubrey Morris, Lifeforce, 1984.  Howard was also listed for Sir Percy Heseltine… among 26 others.  John Abineri, Bernard Archard, George Baker, Anthony Bate, Allan Cuthbertson, Derek Fowlds, Denholm Elliott, Ronald Fraser, Michael Gough, Robert Hardy, Bernard Hepton, Harold Innocent, Peter Jeffrey, Freddie Jones, Ronald Lacey, TP McKenna, Clifford Rose, Leonard Rossiter, John Savident, Robert Stephens, Richard Todd, Patrick Troughton, Timothy West, Richard Wilson, Frank Windsor.
  26. Richard Todd, Jenny’s War, TV, 1985.    The veteran Howard wisely fled General Cutler - opposite, bizarrely, Dyan Cannon as Jenny,  searching for her RAF pilot son, shot down over Germany in 1941.  Both Howard and Todd had been in  the 007 mix during the 60s. 
  27. Nigel Stock, Young Sherlock Holmes, 1985.    Howard was seen about being Professor Waxflater, forever testing his versions of the world’s first airplane.. The Steven Spielberg production proved the final film of Stock (a Dr Watson in the ‘60s) - and indeed of three other UK character stalwarts: Willoughby Goddard, Brian Oulton and Lockwood West.
  28. Clive Revill, Rumpelstiltskin, US-Israel, 1986.      Change of King Mezzer for the musical version of the Grimm brothers’ classic- first of Cannon’s Movie Tales.
  29. Ian Bannen, Hope and Glory, 1987.    The role: director John Boorman’s Grandfather George.
  30. Michael Hordern, Comrades, 1987.    The story of the 19th Century Tolpuddle Martyrs, English farm labourers. forming one of the first trade unions.










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