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Jay Leno

  1. Larry Franco, The Thing, 1981.       Stand-ups like Fleischer, Jay Leno Gary Shandling were always welcome at reading sessions as studios were keen on seeing how they might  work as actors - with future films  or series in mind.      Hello, Seinfeld!  
  2. Tim Robbins, Howard The Duck, 1985.     Everybody wanted to voice Marvel’s Howard T Duck… Leno, John Cusack, Martin Short, Robin Williams. Plus voicing specialists Townsend Colman and Rob Paulsen (more than 500 credits between them). Zien was not a voice-actor. Howard was the big deal production of the year… massive budget… George Lucas, Mr Star Wars, producing… his American Graffiti writers, writing. And. It. Bombed! Willard Huyck never directed again. And in need of funds to complete his Skywalker Ranch, Lucas sold to Steve Jobs what became… Pixar!   Six years later, Jay won Johnny Carson’s coveted Late Show role! Able, therefore, to ridicule such flops.
  3. Tom Hanks, Forest Gump, 1995.    The most off-the-wall casting idea... Nice guy and all, but  Leno does not share  the essential ability of Hanks - or any half-way decent actor -  to transcend self and  become someone else.


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