Payday Loans

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Louis Malle (1932-1995)

  1. Maurice Ronet, Le feu follet (UK: A Time to Live and a Time to Die; US: The Fire Within), France, 1963.     The budget was not huge for realisateur Louis Malle’s ninth film (his favourite of his early works), so he considered playing the central character. Also a writer, he is close F Scott Fitzgerald. Indeed, some critics felt it was based on the writer’s  Babylon Revisited - Ronet reads it before commiting suicide.. But, no, the seed for this existential account of suicidal depression was a  roman by Pierre Drieu la Rochelle.
  2. Ian Holm, Greystoke, 1984.      Scripter and would-be director Robert Towne's 1979 plan was also a French ape man (Patrick Norbert) because of his French rescuer, Lieut Philippe D'Arnot, the man who taught Tarzan to speak a French accented English. 


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