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Mandy Moore


  1. Lucy Liu, Chicago, 2002.
  2. Anne Hathaway, Havoc, 2004.     Second thoughts about the sex  scenes - back seat fellatio and a nude encounter with co-star and friend Jena Malone - had Moore passing Allison to Hathaway. Malone also quit. Variety  critic Lisa Nesselson suggested a better title would be:  Slumming for Dummies. When director Barbara Kopple lost her final cut, Hathaway (and co-star Bijou Phillips) refused any promo, so the movie landed in the video bin.  Inevitably, Hathaway was told she’d never work in  this town again.  Hah! She co-hosted the 2011 Oscarnight and won a support Oscar  for Les Miserables on February 24, 2013.
  3. Mya, Cursed, 2004.    Horrorsmith Wes Craven and his writer,Kevin Williamson, had a Woody Allen moment…and stopped shooting for a drastic script overhaul. Mandy apparentlyunderstood the expression about flogging a dead horse, and by the time production re-started, she was long gone.And the characters played by James Brolin, Illeana Douglas, Omar Epps,  Corey Feldman, Scott Foley, Robert Forster, Heather Langenkamp  were cut. But, hey, you can’t flog a dead werewolf.
  4. Evan Rachel Wood, The Upside of Anger, 2005.    Too busy publicising her new album to be Joan Allen’s youngest daughter-narrator of the film.
  5. Jessica Simpson, The Dukes of Hazzard, 2005.     Jessica Biel, Britney Spears also tried to beDaisy Duke.
  6. Keri Russell, The Upside of Anger, 2005.     Auteur Mike Binder invited the singer-turned-actress to be the youngest of daughters. But she was required to promote hernewestalbum.
  7. Amanda Seyfried, Mamma Mia, 2008.      Also seen for Meryl Streep’s fatherless, about-to-wedlove-child:Amanda Bynes, Rachel McAdams andPhantom of the Opera star Emily Rossum.
  8. Hilary Duff, What Goes Up, 2008.     Nine other actors were in (and out) during the much delayed and budget-slashed mess about a New York journo involved with the youth population of the small home of town of “the first teacher in space”Christa McAuliffe - when she dies in the 1986 Challenger Shuttle explosion.
  9. Kristen Schaal, Pulling, TV, 2013.     “Many things change quickly as a pilot moves into production. In this case, the [writers] moved the character in a different direction. It was clear this wasn’t right for me… and I asked to step aside”- Moore on being cast in the US version of the 2006 BBC hit, and was thefirst to quitthe wannabe Sex And The City - following three dysfunctional early 30s women. Moore was due forLouise - optimistic, if desperate for a husband. Schaal (from Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show) and her two co-stars were all comics and writers - exactlylike exec producer Sharon Horgan, creator and star of the UK show.Never short of offers, Mandy leapt straight intoheadingthe CBS pilot, Advocates, for the Mentalist producer, Bruno Heller.




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